Are you taking me for granted? That’s Ok!

Are You Taking Me For Granted? That’s Ok! (If your garage door could talk)

Are you taking me for granted? That’s Ok! Arvada, CoAre you taking me for granted? That’s Ok! A day in a life of a garage door. I know you have been busy and leaving early and staying out late. You come home exhausted! You’re tiring me out just thinking of all you’re running around. You never pay too much attention to me until I fail to greet you with a properly working garage door greeting.

No don’t sound so surprised my manual told you what to look out for and how to avoid the squeaking and squealing noises, after all it’s only to get your attention. Ok, here are 5 different simple maintenance tasks you can do all by yourself. Monthly and once a year call in a professional to check do a complete system checkup. Now before you get busy, please put me on your to do list or make a maintenance plan with so your car won’t have to sleep out in the cold again.  

DIY Periodic Garage Door Inspection

All Garage Door Manufactures agree that a garage door that has been will maintained will have a long life cycle of operation. At least once a year maintenance plan performed by your garage door service company to perform a maintenance check of the complete garage door system. We also recommend the home owner to do a house check. See list below

Simple Maintenance Plan. 

Once a month inspection check list for the following:

  • Garage Door Rollers, look to see if there are any damage to the rollers. These rollers need to be changed by a professional. The bottom rollers are attached to the roller plate. The cables are very dangerous to service for they are under tension from the spring.
  • Check the panels they can come loose and just need to be tightened.
  • Garage door panels that are damaged or deterioration panels, need to be replaced
  • Springs that looked to be damaged or deterioration call the professionals for they are under a lot of pressure from the design of the garage door system.
  • Garage door Opener. Refer to the manual for maintenance tips.
  • Scratches Steel door panels that have missing paint should be touched up with matching paint.
  • Chipping of Garage Door Wood doors need a coat of varnish to protect against the environment elements as well as keep a fresh look.
  • Wash the door panels often if you live close to the ocean.
  • Tighten any loose parts from door panels. Remove any debris and wipe out the railings from any excess lubricant with a shop rag. Repeat the process for the garage door opener and springs.
  • Lubricant Cold weather breaks down lube adds moisture to the steel parts causing to rust over time. Lubricant will keep the winter moisture from rusting the parts. Acceptable lubricants are found at the hardware store refer to your manual or ask for the special garage door lubricant. Lube the springs, torsion tube springs rollers and panel hinges. Don’t over lubricate, a little goes a long way.


DIY Periodic House Inspection (homeowner security check list)

Hey! Don’t make it easy for a burglar to get in your garage or home. If you want to keep the unwanted guest out of your home. Don’t make it easy for them. Keeping your yard free of things to stack to gain access to your home windows even on the second floor is Insafe.

  • Don’t leave the house or garage windows open, lock them when you’re not at home. Most security systems will be off or unprotected if the windows and doors are open.
  • Don’t leave ladders outside. Keep in a locked garage or storage shed.
  • Leaving your marked boxes at the curb tells the burglars what new things are in the inside. Breakdown boxes and conceal them in the trash bins.
  • They look for private ways to gain access. Trim back trees and bushes so it’s not easy to hide in them. Make it easy to see all entryways and windows from the street. Install motion sensor lighting
  • Install a steal door with deadbolts, so it’s harder to knock the door in.
  • Keep them guessing. Look in your windows to see if any mirrors show your alarm system is set. Look thru your windows to see what they can see. And relocate the mirror if it allows them to see your alarm system.
  • On vacation? Signs that no one is home is your mail and papers on the curb. No lights are on or same lights are on. Have your mail and papers stopped while away and get timers to set different lights to come on at different times.
  • Safes in your home with all you valuables. Don’t let your safe just walk out the door with your safe. Screw it down in a well-hidden place in your home.
  • Don’t tell social media you’re going out of town or send pictures to social media while you’re away.

Call Garage Door HQ for help with your garage door system maintenance plan that is right for you. We can help your door stay in tip top operation all year long.  



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