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Beautirul New Carriage House style Garage door

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  • Sliding
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  • Up and over
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  • Steel Garage Doors
  • Aluminum Frame Doors
  • Fiberglass Garage Doors
  • Vinyl Garage Doors
  • Wood & Wood Composite Garage Doors
Who can insulate my garage door?

Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated or Not? We can help you decide. Insulated offers:

  • Quieter Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Range of R-Rating
  • Drafty House Solution
  • Buffer Space
House with out a storm garage door in Centennial CO

Hurricane and Tornado Proof Your Garage Door

  • Wind Load Reinforced Garage Doors
  • Storm Proof Your Existing Garage Doors
    • This take some advanced preparedness to install
  • Under 30% of homes are prepared, call today. Speak to an expert
Who can insulate my garage door?|

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Broken Spring Replacement

Torsion Springs are very dangerous and only a professional should touch them. The springs are under a lot of pressure from the weight of the door .  You can trust our highly trained technicians to replace your springs and have your door working right away.


Broken Panel Replacement.

Affordable, fast and dependable Service. You might be experiencing the door not opening for misalignment. Might see a crack or warped, often break or bend. Garage Doors over time start to show the wear and tear of day to day use. Our highly trained garage door technicians that are qualified to repair any garage door problem.

Broken Garage Door Cables.

Cables will eventually wear out, break or fray. Warning Cables should only be changed by a professional.  ken You can trust our team, they are highly  qualified to work on all types of garage doors cables.

The cables usually run smoothly up and down with your garage door, they are under a lot of pressure and are very important to get service ASAP.

Broken Photo Eye or Sensor

This sensor is the eyes to the door and if something is in the way and breaks the beam of light the door will not move or lift or close properly. Another popular repair that often need re-alignment is the  worn gears and sprockets that are inside the door itself.

"It's important to note that each house possesses its own unique character, and by selecting the right garage door styles you can be able to enhance the appearance of yours."

Garage Door Installation

It's no surprise what a beautiful new garage door and new Opener, can and will do for increasing the Curb Appeal, & Security  of your home. These improvements will also increase the value and resell of your home.

Garage Door Opener

Modern openers are safer, faster and quieter than ever. You can also control your door from your phone.

Ask us about the benefits of installing a new state of art openers for your home.

Garage Door Repair

Garage door will not open? Panel replacement, Spring Replacement, Cable Replacement, Roller replacement and off track or bent track are some of the most popular reasons for services.

 We Repair All Brands of Garage Doors and Openers! 1-720-408-6639

Need Fast and Dependable Garage Door Repair Lakewood, Colorado?

Your neighborly overhead door company that quickly repairs or installs all of the best garage door openers or garage doors.

Who can insulate my garage door?|

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Garage Door HQ a full-service garage door Service Company in Lakewood, Colorado.

A brand new garage door will certainly update the look of your home. This the time to update, There has never been a better time to get a modern or traditional garage door.  The new door will enhance you in so many ways. Besides a beautiful door, there are many features to make your life easier, more secure and save you money too.

If you need an existing garage door repaired, or a new garage door installed, we are here to help you, just a phone call away.

Garage Door Experts You Can Trust. 1-720-408-6639

Denver Co Industrial Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial Doors are built to take a beating. The tough beating we give our industrial overhead doors every day. Tough performance and safety-tested doors can be installed in several styles. Lots of choices:

  • Internal and External Doors
  • High-Performance,
  • Sectional-Steel
  • Insulated or Non-insulated
  • Fire Dated doors
Fiberglass Garage Door Denver CO

Residential Garage Door Services

Garage Door Can’t Close? Damaged or broken garage door springs  are one of the most significant factors behind a nonfunctional garage door. Even damaged springs can stop the door opening or shut securely.  Springs are the solitary essential part on your garage door which facilitates the raising and lowering of the door.

There are two sorts of garage door springs: Torsion springs and also Expansion springs. Torsion springs are connected simply above the closed garage door, while extension springs lie over the upper garage door tracks on both sides.

If you require a help on stabilizing your garage door, call us we can balance your garage door for a smooth movement. You can trust our highly trained service technicians for they are "Fast and Dependable".

We can assist you in Choosing a New Garage Door? Call Us 1-720-408-6639

Garage Door Install Needed in Lakewood, Colorado?

Wanting a new garage door will certainly increase your visual appeal?

We have several teams of employees that visit at your disposal to help you in selecting just the right door for you. We will visit your home or business and measure the space, ask and answer questions and show you samples. 

Wood Garage Doors
Wood Like Garage Doors
Steel Garage Doors
Aluminum Garage Doors
Vinyl Garage Doors

We make it easy to select just the perfect Garage door for you and your family.

Allow us to get Started!  Get in touch to schedule your time. 1-720-408-6639

Garage Door Can’t Rise up?

Is your garage door will not moving or making a lot of noise?

There are many reasons why you're having such a hard time. The biggest reason is the springs.Springs can be broken, they are very dangerous and should be left to the professionals. Can be the rollers and cables, hardware, gear sets and carriages.  Keypads circuit boards and transmitters. We have most popular parts on our truck to get your door moving again.

Yes its true, we are not only affordable but "Fast and Dependable".

The Supremely Powerful and Peaceful Belt Driven Door Openers in Lakewood, Colorado

The garage doors today have to do a lot of work. They are made to protect us from the outside elements so the doors are heavy. Because they are so heavy causes some other issues. Like the speed of raising and lowering the door. The installation of the door helps keep the home at a desirable temperate. Windows can be added also to add natural light to the garage.

Close garage door from anywhere. New state of the art garage door openers is now offered a lot of updated features. Powerful, Quiet and more secure. The doors are belt driven so they can lift a heavy door at different power drive sizes.

Let's us get started! Contact Us To Book Your Time 1-720-408-6639

Free of Charge Quote plus Free Consult by Garage Door HQ in Lakewood, Colorado

We do on-site visits to measure your garage door space.  We will send a professional with samples because we know how difficult it is to get through all the different features featured on the new systems and different features.

That is Why You Need to Use the Services of Our Garage Door Headquarters Corporation in Lakewood, Colorado.

The garage door is the heaviest piece of appliance you have in your home. Trying to fix it or install it yourself will take many weekend hours and you still might have to call out a professional. Please call us, we can answer any of your questions and send a professional to help. All of our employees are exceptionally trained, trusted for a low affordable cost.

Garage Door Head Quarters: A-1 Professional service at Cost-effective Prices in Lakewood, CO

A lot of homeowners take pride in do-it-yourself projects. But a garage door is very big and heavy and can be very dangerous.  We have all the tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Our Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Skill Speaks for itself in Lakewood, Colorado

A garage door opens and closes 2 times a day, that is a lot of moving parts to get the door open safely. Our highly skilled crews work hard to get your door moving as quick as possible. In most cases we have the parts in our van, we can diagnose the problem, fix and be on our way. Call your local professional Garage Door HQ.

Guidelines and Endorsements for Your Garage Door Repair work or Re-installation in Lakewood, CO

Whether you have a new construction project that involves a new Garage door and opener, or an old tired door that is needing re-installment with a brand-new door. There are so many to choose from, we are certain we can help guide you to the door you have been dreaming about very quickly. We will measure the doorway and give you a cost-free quote too.

Call Us Without delay to Schedule a Free Estimate in Lakewood, Colorado

We have the professionals ready to step into your home and make it wonderful. From choosing the right door to bringing the new door and setting the door and new garage door opener. Call today to set your time with our professionals, you will be glad you did.

 We Repair All Brands of Garage Doors and Openers! 1-720-408-6639

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