Emergency Garage Door Services in Castle Rock

Emergency Garage Door Services in Castle Rock

Emergency Garage Door Services in Castle Rock, Here are some tips to check the simple fixes. If these do not help or if you’re not comfortable Please call us, we will be on our way.Emergency Garage Door Services in Castle Rock

What is considered an emergency?

When your garage door will not close and your home or business is exposed to uncertainty of what can happen. Being responsible to make sure your home is secure and protected is the

Responsibility of the parent and homeowner.

Keeping a family safe is primarily the responsibility of the parent to get the garage door making the calls to the landlord to call for repairs. Emergency calls for repairs are answered quickly and we send out a professional team that will secure your garage door. Thinks such as appliances, fixtures and the cosmetic things of the home can wait but this is extremely important and cannot wait. Have a plan if you are a renter. Know who the land lord trust to do the repairs in the middle of the night. Landlords can call on us for quick repairs. Putting off repairs often leads to a more costly repairs, the same is true with garage doors.


How to know if the garage door needs emergency help with some DIY solutions?

Squeaking or making Noise.


A good example of urgency and know when to wait to the next day is like the brakes on your car. Your car squeaks when the brake is applied. The noise is your warning the breaks are needing to be looked at. They have a similar reasoning. If your garage door just started to squeak or make unusual sounds. This is your warning sign to get your garage door some help. If you are able to get your garage door closed, it might not open again. The repair is needed ASAP Emergency call.  Causing emergency call. Note when a garage door is


  • Slow or moving differently.
  • Failure to close
  • Unusual or excessive noise.
  • Door panels are broken
  • Door is crooked or lopsided.


If you’re comfortable, here are some DIY simple things to do to check your garage door system. 

Door opening slowly or moving differently.

 When your garage door starts to move slower than usual, or struggles to open at all. This is a sign your springs are needing to be replaced. You can do a spring test to check the springs. First step to disconnect the garage door opener. Second to lift the door up by hand about half way open. Gently let it go. If the door stays, your springs are ok. But if the door moves the springs are needing to be replaced. Call a professional to change the garage door springs for they are very dangerous to replace.


Failure to close

 The simple fix is to look at the Sensors located on each side of the door close to the opening along the floor. The laser beam is sent to the other side. If this “eyes” or beam is blocked by something or might have been moved so the sensors can’t receive the beam of light. They often will get moved by trashcans or children’s toys hitting the sensors. Once the beam is matched to the other side should work.  Next Tighten up any loose parts and look to see if the door’s cables or track has something blocking them. This sensor is a safety feature to keep the door from being lowered into your personal property or family member. If any of these problems continue, call your professionals at GarageDoor HQ.

Unusual or excessive noise.

 A very loud noise or unusual sounds might be from parts coming loose or something possibly simple. But they are warning signs that it needs attention now. Check the components to see if needing tightening. Don’t over tighten this can also cause a different set of problems. Check to see if your components be are needing some WD40. If applied to springs and railing the noise just might disappear. If not call us.

Have a plan

Garage Doors that do not move is considered an emergency to get your Car inside or to get the car out to go to work. The landlord will need to be notified of the emergency and they will send out their team of professionals to secure the home. Knowing who your landlord trust for repairs is a win-win for everyone involved. Castle Rock Repairs and Service

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