Winter Is Coming, Colorado Are You Ready?

Winter Is Coming, Colorado Are You Ready?


Who can insulate my garage door?

Winter Is Coming….Colorado Are You Ready?

There are good reasons to winterize your garage, to save yourself money and headaches later. If you have a man cave or shop set up in your garage. The benefit of a warm garage all year long is more than comfort, the other stuff besides you’re car parked in garage, lawn equipment, Machines like washer and Dryer, Adult toys with engines, Storage of other liquids and gels that freeze. The easiest and best solution is to Insulate.

  • Install a new garage door with higher R-value
  • Insulate the Walls to your garage
  • Insulate all pipes coming into and out of home.
  • Consider a separate heating system to monitor your garage temperatures.
  • Gas engines for your toys and lawn equipment. Best to remove all gas.
  • Check the weather-stripping to your garage door and exterior doors into home.
  • Protect all of the water lines. Washer and Water pumps.
  • Check the level of the insulation in your attic. Over time the insulation settles and if you can see your rafters you need to add more.

Custom Garage Door 

Purchase an insulated garage door or insulate the one you have. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report found that upgrading a garage door is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.  National Cost for Garage Door replacement is 2,944 Cost recouped 82.5%. A custom door cost a little more but can offer more energy savings over the years.

Garage Weather-Stripping. 

A worn and tired weather stripping across the bottom of door should be soft and pliable. Signs of wear will show brittle or cracks in stripping. When there is not sufficient weather-stripping barrier. Drafts and cold air can lower the temperatures in your home. 

Fresh Batteries

Change out the batteries that are used. Battery and functions of all batteries to your Garage door opener, or your back up battery in case of loss of power. Remote Controls or keyless entry.

Lubricate the Tracks and Chains

Cold weather can actually cause your chains and tracks to dry up. Cleaning the tracks and lubricating them and check all parts for wear and tear including the chains and pulleys. Adding lubricate to the drive tracks railing chains and removing any debris can prevent them rusting and allowing moisture to build up to freeze.

Heat your garage/man-cave.

Year round use of your garage for storing a lot of expensive engines in your garage. Consider to adding separate gas or electric heat unit, heat source to monitor the temperatures in your garage. 


Even if the temperatures outside are frightening low.  A warm garage will be allow the comfort to work-space all year long. But there is still time to prepare for the long winter ahead. If you need any assistance with a new garage door or weatherproofing your current on, you can depend on us Garage Door HQ. 720-408-6639



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